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Yolanda Hadid Tried To Put To Rest Those Rumors About Bella Dating Drake And It Totally Backfired

"I don't — I mean, they're friends."

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So, FYI, yesterday was Bella Hadid's 21st birthday and she had an awesome party to celebrate.

A ton of celebs were in attendance, including Drake, who apparently "planned and paid for everything."

The pair ~clearly~ must be dating, because no one is that nice for no reason, right? Right??

Well, leave it to Andy Cohen to get to the bottom of it. During yesterday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, he asked Bella's mom Yolanda point-blank, "There are rumors that Bella is dating Drake. Is that true?"

Apparently, what she had to say was, "Oh! I didn't know that," but here's a video she took at the party so, WHAT IS THE TRUTH??

Instagram: @yolanda

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