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    Here's Proof That Doing Yoga Around Your Dog Is Fucking Impossible

    They don't call it downward dog for nothin'.

    1. Some dogs love yoga.

    2. Some are even good at it!

    3. Like, these are real skills.

    4. The student becomes the master.

    5. Talk about teamwork!

    6. But, not all puppers have the yoga gene.

    7. Some even hate it.

    8. In fact, they hate it so much, that they don't even want you to do it.

    9. So, they'll steal your mat.

    10. Or, try to take a nap on it.

    11. Some fluffers will suggest a new activity all together.

    12. Like playing with this ball.

    13. Or, this toy.

    14. Now remember, this isn't all dogs.

    15. Some are born yogis.

    16. Look at that talent!

    17. *inhales* *exhales*

    18. *breathes deeply*

    19. He's into it.

    20. ~Getting creative~

    21. But those dogs are the exception...

    22. ...not the rule.

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