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    • Shyaporn

      While some of the subway/sidewalk etiquette items on here are valid, I find much of this Buzzfeed list entitled, out of touch and slightly douchey. #1 Sorry if the line to your Starbucks is long, but you live in New York - you should have better taste in coffee. #3 Hating on Times Square is New Yorker amateur hour and disregards the history and magic of the place. #4 Any true New Yorker should be aware that every Duane Reade is partnered with Chase Manhattan Bank and has a Chase ATM in each branch. #7 Poor us having to use cash to pay for things instead of burdening small businesses with credit card charges, particularly small restaurants which have a spectacularly poor profit margin to begin with. #8 Freakin’ know how much time/money you have on your Metrocard. How hard is that? And is the 45 seconds it’s going to take to refill your card going to kill you? I consider it Natural Selection at the turnstile. #9 Not knowing how to properly swipe a Metrocard results in a mandatory 2-week suspension of your New Yorker card. #10 Who leaves their borough on a weekend anyway? #11 Don’t you already have a favorite bagel place in each neighborhood where you know they make them right? Then you’re not a New Yorker, you’re just VISITING. #12 #poorhipsters #14 #pooryuppies #15 Oh yes, these “shady” miracles of technology that let us get our money anywhere, anytime in the city. Necessary mainly because some adults over 22 seem to think they’re still in college and insist on only taking out $40 when they go to their regular ATM machine. #20 Lack of central air? Really? REALLY? #21 If you read the lists inside taxis, you’d know you’re able to tell them the route you want to take. Just shake off your southern/mid-western passive-aggression and SPEAK UP if you don’t like the route the driver is taking. Of course, what will end up happening is your route will suck just as badly, if not worse, and it will end up costing more than if you had just let the driver do his job, but clearly you knew better. Which, you didn’t, because if you did, you’d be on the subway, you entitled, taxi-taking jerk. And yes… pole-leaners suck. But really, they’re also a fun excuse to knuckle someone in the spine.

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