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    • shubhams4a1206371

      very funny .thanks for sharing buzzfeed :D
      here, i am trying to give a reason- why India is India :)
      i am not justifying that we are good.neither condemning that we are bad.. :) 2) uncle/aunty- very true. India was a society of which everyone knew, if i had a good friend..i will call him brother..
      and my kids would call him chacha (uncle in english) :)
      India is a society of relations..where we believe- we, who have taken birth as human - are somewhere related at the top :)
      you can consider as- we all are descendants of Adam & Eve :)  3)adjust : jugaad - Indians often see frugal innovation as their distinctive contribution to management thinking..
      they point to the national tradiion of jugaad-means roughly making do with what u have and never give up. it motivates us - that no matter what the situation is- we will figure it out :)
      4) sidewalk- we all want to help poors - but how ? frm facebook ? or twitter ? :P
      this is how we help…i am anyway going to walk that spot only for 5 seconds..if i can slightly adjust- a poor man will get his bread & butter :)
      5) news : totally agreed.. its true & funny :D
      7) queue - we respect other ppl..just because, i have reached early - it doesn’t give me preorgative to get the ticket first :) (sounds strange?)
      actually, we believe, the more urgently u need the ticket- the more you have right to get it first…
      if my train is after 2 hrs..and someone else has a train after 2 mins..he would be more loud..and i will respect his urgency..and will / can wait :)
      by ths way- we are increasing positivity in the society, by making ppl thankful to us ..and this is not some ‘idea thing’..which looks good only in books..we are practicalizing it everyday :)
      9) COW- cow gives us milk, other milk products, helpful in farming..basically India (which is an agriculture society) cow is therefore considered as a mother (gives us milk, takes care of us with selflessness) we cannot disrespect our mother :(
      Also, this whole earth belongs equally to all animals (and not just ‘us’ ) rather, we are intruding a cow’s environment by creating roads, busess…what right do we have to build such things and pollute the env ? so in India, we believe- the road belongs to each and everyone ..and not just to us…rather we r thankful to them..for letting us build this :(
      10) God : so many gods in India :D
      raisen de tre : if you are excellent in football - u will be the god of football..
      if you are good at science- ppl will bow to u :)
      in the same way- we have gods for everyone…if u r a warrior/fighter/gym freak- we have few gods for u- u can consider them ur ideal- Raam, Hanuman…many others :)
      if u r an intellectual , ur god can be - brahspati-the greatest scientis :)
      and so on..there is a story for every god…there is no 1 perfect person for everything…but each trait- can have its 1 own perfectionist
      14) crowded- what to do ..the indus valley civilization then ganga civilization - gave the most fertile land, and a best place for habitat..India, where we have all 4 seasons…i think nature was greateful to India..hence the crowd
      17) heavy traffic- again the roads belong to everyone- the rickshaw puller, scooter, mercedez, bike, poor man carrying his lawry, even cows, dogs… :)
      we believe in leadership of including everybody…for us reaching on time is not our priority—but EVERYONE should reach his destination IS. :)

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