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13 Unbelievably Adorable Yet Practical Products That You Will Actually Use

You get the best of both worlds!

1. A set of cat-shaped coasters that will save your precious tables from stubborn glass marks - ₹219

Cat coasters

2. A bear-shaped coin purse to help you store your loose change in a way that doesn't involve you digging deep into depths of your purse in a rickshaw while a bunch of cars honk at you angrily - ₹499

3. A set of leaf-shaped doorstoppers that'll do the job well and also look great - ₹169

4. A moon lamp that will cast a warm glow all over your room to make it look so much more inviting - ₹499

Moon Lamp

5. Some unicorn-themed sticky notes that'll make you want to read mundane reminders - ₹369

6. A pretty popsicle contact lens kit that will make sure your lenses stay safe and secure - ₹299

Contact lens kit

7. A penguin whiteboard that will help you in getting your activities properly sorted for the day - ₹299

A penguin whiteboard

8. A Groot flower pot/pen holder that will make your desk look more lively and less headache-inducing - ₹259

A Groot flower pot

9. A winter-themed cotton swab holder that'll so pretty, it'll basically double as home decor - ₹325

10. A penguin bath set that'll make you feel clean and ready to face another day in 2020 - ₹250

Blue penguin bath set

11. An LED cat lamp that's will make any cat lover go, "I need this in my life." - ₹1,098

12. A mini cat bag that's the purr-fect companion for your work trips or even your grocery runs - ₹354

A cat bag on a white surface

13. And finally, a cat ear headwrap that'll make your at-home spa days feel so much more realistic - ₹142