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17 Moments From "Shark Tank India" That We Still Haven't Gotten Over

We really can't get over this show!

1. When Peyush was a wee bit afraid of this adorable golden retriever named Gabru.

2. When Ashneer Grover said that this entrepreneur's idea felt more like a hobby and not a scalable business, and she asked him this question:

3. When Jugadu Kamlesh and Naru stole our hearts.

4. Here's Ashneer Grover's most iconic quote from the show:

5. And here's one more insult from Ashneer that just lives rent-free in my head:

6. When an entrepreneur had the gall to pitch front of Aman Gupta, the co-founder of boAt.

7. When Ashneer went head-to-head against Anupam Mittal and Aman Gupta.

8. When we were inundated with Maggi and some really weird concoctions of Maggi.

9. When the Sharks were introduced to this reversible dress with its ₹15,000 price tag!

10. When this guy asked the judges what their "fantasies" were and went on to pitch a product that gives you a round and deep navel.

And you can't possibly blame the judges for reacting to his pitch in this manner:

11. Oh and how could I not include this pitcher, who created a mask for...a glass.

12. We all knew that there was no way Ashneer was not going to give a piece of his mind to both these pitchers.

13. When Aman Gupta had a lot of difficulty hiding his true feelings after tasting things he absolutely DID NOT find delicious.

14. When Prathamesh was the most adorable kid to ever exist.

15. When this owner of an ice cream brand asked the Sharks for a funding of a whopping 300 crore rupees!

16. Every one of the hundreds of times Anupam asked the pitchers to share their revenue from the previous month.

17. And every single time he was interrupted by one of his fellow Sharks. TBH, I am still not over his little tiff with Ghazal.

What were your favourite moments from the show? Share below!