15 Thoughts Everyone Has When Starting A New Job

Starting a new job can be exciting and stressful. It can also make your $250,000+ education feel like you did nothing but sniff sharpies for 4 years.

1. “Did I forgot to do something this morning?”

20th Century Fox / Via cuabitches.tumblr.com

3. “So…I’m not getting paid overtime for this?”

Comedy Central / Via reactiongifs.us

4. “You want me to have all of this done by noon?”

5. “I hope my boss didn’t see that.”

6. “Am I doing this right?”

7. “Working a printer should not be this difficult.”

8. “Who did I just send that email to?”

9. “Does my boss like me?”

20th Century Fox / Via kaitlynleexx.tumblr.com

10. “Do they even know who I am?”

FX / Via giphy.com

11. “I can’t believe they gave me a job.”

12. “What does that button do?”

13. “I’m still a little unclear on the instructions.”

14. “I should put I.T. on speed dial.”

Paramount Pictures / Via gif-weenus.com

15. “I have no idea what I’m doing!”

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