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37 Hilarious Tweets From Kanye West

A few of the legendary tweets bestowed upon us by Kanye West. He really needs to stop erasing his feed...

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4. Kanye on airplanes...

Fucking water bottles you're just so squirrelly!!!

10. Kanye on fonts...

Who doesn't get emotional over fonts? Baskerville just really gets me sometimes. Times New Roman is so fascist! Helvetica is the Kanye of fonts, according to Kanye

13. Kanye on internships...

I don't think being 21 is the issue here.....


Any song with a bassoon and a kazoo is definitely topping the charts. Other artists take notes.

17. Kanye on tables...

You really need the marble table. No conference is complete without one


20. Kanye on ninjas...

I wish I knew some personally too dawg. I feel your pain.


It's called twitter, and you have one. But are you looking to join?


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Josh Groban Sings some of Kanye's Tweets!!!

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