23 Realizations About "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

Since 2007 people have been watching the Kardashian family’s rise to fame, and their lives continue to amuse America.

1. Kim is only famous because of a sex tape with Ray J, who spawned this gem

2. They’re All Alcoholics

3. SNL’s portrayal of Bruce Jenner is eerily accurate

he’s definitely a troll. look at those eyes staring into your soul.

4. Khloe is probably a love child, and the most sane

5. Scott is a douche

it’s peasants you fucking tool, at least we can spell -peasants

6. Kim has the ugliest fucking crying face you’ve ever seen

7. Rob decided to make a sock line?


8. Their first world problems are beyond us

Aww you can buy a multi pack at claire’s for like $3 but they’re probably not your style….

9. They’ve lived in a 1% bubble their entire lives

10. Somehow you’re not surprised Kris and Bruce broke up before Khloe and Lamar

Ohhhh wait that’s Glenn Close… close enough.

11. You don’t understand why no one pulled a Woody Allen and hit on Brody…

12. Just about every single one of their ventures outside of the show has failed miserably

Remember when they tried acting, being clothing designers, managing talent, dancing with the stars, the Kardashian Kredit Kard, writing a biography? Still waiting on the musical…

13. Khloe is actually hilarious

14. Kourtney is a demon and a sadist

15. They’re obsessed with social media…

16. And themselves

17. You don’t understand what they do with all the money they make…

And you still don’t know.

18. Kris is a terrible mother but a genius business woman

19. Kris wishes she was one of the sisters so badly

20. You wonder if Kanye changes North’s diapers

21. This is your reaction every time they say “Bible”

22. Kim’s ugly crying face blinds you

But you love them all anyways

23. And then you realize you need to watch quality TV, and immediately begin watching “New Girl.”

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