19 High School Cliques Every Millennial Knows To Exist

We’ve seen em’ all or have been a part of one.

1. Bros

You love to hate them but they throw the only parties in high school.

2. Stoners

You gotta love ‘em and their philosophical discoveries

3. Hardcore Anime Lovers

They’re very detail oriented.

4. Environmentalists

Oil companies need to make like a tree and leaf

5. Badass Drama Kids

The ones who don’t take shit from nobody.

6. Hipsters although they don’t enjoy being labeled

Hold on i’m catching the perfect amount of sunlight at this angle, for Sutro to be effective. X pro II is for amateurs.

7. The Asian hip-hop aficionados who had really sick dance moves

don’t let their bling deceive you, they can dance

8. Crazy Ravers who lived life on the edge

9. The Intellectuals who were the cool kids

10. Slam Poets (The Beatniks are back!!)

Do you regularly attend poetry readings in subterranean caves? Can you spit some cool verses? We should slam sometime.

11. Bang Buddies, you know they existed.

12. Hippies, yes they still exist

Kamehameha!!!! But he’s really harnessing the sun’s positive vibes and transcending them upon mother earth. Groovy

13. The Athletes who really cared, the rest of you didn’t give a shit about fascist organized sports

14. The Techies who are hell bent on being the next Zuckerberg

He enjoys reading html and C++ instead of english. Don’t hate, he’s going to be richer than you someday

15. The Foreign Exchange Students, who don’t understand your culture

but they’re really trying to!

16. The Flawless Models with hearts of gold

How are they so beautiful on the inside and the outside?!

17. The Health Foodies, you don’t understand their iron will

18. Third Wave Girls, who could give you a verbal beat down anytime, anywhere

19. And then there’s you and your friends…

Obviously the awesome clique

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