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17 Things That Happen When You Have A Large Friend Group

Spoiler alert: it's worth every second.

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1. Your phone constantly blows up from random conversations in the group...

The mute option can be a godsend at times.
gillian_gaynor instagram / Via

The mute option can be a godsend at times.

2. ...but it's pretty amazing knowing you'll always have people to listen to your babbling.

thoughtcatalog / Via

3. Getting everyone to agree on a restaurant can be a chore.

ABC Studios / Via

4. In fact, getting everyone to agree on anything is almost impossible...

VH1 Television / Via

5. ...especially when people take forever to respond.

Mandalay Entertainment / Via

6. BUT, when everyone finally gets together it ends up being an absolute blast.

West-Shapiro / Via

7. You'll always have people to confide in...

Netflix / Via

8. ...which is amazing for times when you feel like this.

Fox / Via

9. You'll pretty much have an executive council to check out all your potential lovers.

Lionsgate / Via

10. Plans will change all the time but you learn to deal with it...

Brownstone Productions (III) / Via

11. ...and when you have other commitments, you'll undoubtedly check your phone for everything your missing out on.

BBC / Via

12. You'll always have people to get into crazy shenanigans with you.

New Line Cinema / Via

13. And they'll have your back when you need them.

Brownstone Productions (III) / Via

14. You'll look at other friend groups and wonder if theirs are as cool as yours...

Warner Bros. / Via

15. ...and when they try to tell you they are, you and your posse will throw shade.

Warner Bros. / Via

16. At some point, they've pretty much become your second family...

Bollypop / Via

17. ...and you'll relish in the prospect of having these crazy people in your life forever.

Nickelodeon / Via

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