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12 Stages Of What Happened When You Saw "The Dress."

Let's face it, you were completely obsessed.

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1. When you first saw it you thought, "what is the debate!? Is this some type of hoax?"

the dress was unequivocally blue/black or white/gold
tumblr / Via

the dress was unequivocally blue/black or white/gold

2. That is until you asked your friends...

Columbia Pictures / Via

3. ...and had to sit there and watch them lie to your face.

Warner Bros. / Via


4. You began to question everything you know...

Desilu Productions / Via

5. ...mainly, your eye sight.

NWG staff / Via

6. You stared relentlessly, trying to will your mind to change the color...

Brad Esposito / Via

7. ...only to make yourself go insane from thinking about it so much.

The Hunger Games Memes Facebook / Via Facebook: thehungergamesmemes1

8. You undoubtedly asked more people and probably flipped out if they disagreed.

NWG Staff / Via

9. You began to make fun of people who disagreed...

When in doubt, use sarcasm.
NWG Staff / Via

When in doubt, use sarcasm.

10. ...but you couldn't keep yourself from taking it so personally.

Kardashian Reactions Twitter / Via Twitter: @KardashianReact

11. You officially decided that this dress from hell has stolen enough of your time already...

Walt Disney Animation Studios / Via

12. ...and mentally prepared yourself for the next big thing since Alex from Target.

NWG Staff / Via

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