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10 Ways That Once Upon A Time Describes Your Senioritis

Your happy ending is SO close...or is it?

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1. When you make a point to study and you're just not feeling it. / Via ABC Studios

2. When you're no longer sorry for coming to class late. / Via ABC Studios

3. Having to contain your envy when older friends talk about their big people jobs. / Via ABC Studios

Those of us who are still in school would give anything to be done with studying...

4. When you have more than two tests in a week. / Via ABC Studios

My tired brain can't handle it anymore...

5. When you try, quite dismally, to figure out your post-graduation plans. / Via ABC Studios

6. When your "easy" class takes a turn for the worst. / Via ABC Studios

You mean I actually have to try now??

7. When you and your squad see all of the enthusiastic Freshman on campus. / Via ABC Studios

8. When you spend too much time with friends and feel guilty about procrastinating. / Via ABC Studios

9. Waking up every morning and contemplating the need to go to class. / Via ABC Studios

It's your last year after couldn't hurt to miss could it?

10. Realizing that it's all about to be over and that you'll be in the real world soon. / Via ABC Studios

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