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    17 Products For Anyone Looking For A New Hobby

    We're making 2020 productive!

    1. This DIY jar candle kit so you can make your own scented candles and save the big bucks you'd otherwise spend in swanky stores – ₹999

    2. This hand-lettering art and stationery kit complete with all the instructions and tools you need to get started – ₹1,031

    3. If you would like to start bullet journaling but can't be bothered to make it look all pretty, you will love the Steal Like An Artist creative logbook – ₹497

    4. This slightly expensive but really cool DIY bath bomb kit with the most amazing pastel colours, essential oils, and even dried flowers – ₹2,483

    5. This DIY soap kit so you can make the prettiest soaps for yourself, your family, or friends – ₹699

    6. This card-making kit so you can make greeting cards that are a lot more personal and an admittedly easier endeavour than to perusing aisles for the perfect card – ₹425

    7. This Mandala rock art kit which is an incredible activity to do with friends or on a date night – ₹525

    8. This embroidery kit for beginners which is not only an incredibly calming process but will also help you embroider your own jeans, jackets, bags, and caps – ₹450

    9. This mini portable sewing machine to help you start off sweet and easy as you learn to sew buttons and rips – ₹899

    10. If you love a good brain teaser, these wire puzzles will keep you occupied for hours on end – ₹203

    11. Or this sudoku puzzle book which is essentially every newspaper ever bound in one wonderful book – ₹349

    12. You're either a Maths person or an English person. If you're the latter, you will absolutely eat up this Saturday Crosswords book from The New York Times – ₹695

    13. This super fun string art kit that you can create 3D masterpieces with, even if you are not the most creatively-gifted person – ₹499

    14. This hella exciting DIY slime kit is the only thing you need to start your own viral YouTube channel – ₹522

    15. This set of 2 chalk paints that you can use to refurbish and renovate furniture and home decor pieces, and feel like you are on your own TLC show – ₹299

    16. This 3-pack of air-dry white, grey, and terracotta modelling clay great for making pottery, beads, and embellishments – ₹599

    17. And this 11-piece clay tool set so you can well and truly immerse yourself in the art of clay modelling – ₹279