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    If you were a Maritime Archaeologist, what kind would you be? Are you fascinated by all things to do with the sea? Atlantis, Pirates and Vikings? Or are you just a Treasure Hunter who has watched too much Tomb Raider?

    Jason deCaires Taylor / Via

    To find out more about Maritime Archaeology why not sign up for a free online course?

    1. 1. What do you dream of finding?

      Jason de Caires Taylor “Reclamation” / Via

      Which archaeological find most interests you?

    2. 2. Which statement applies most to you?

      majorhellrazor / Via

      Maritime archaeology often gets into our blood and appeals to our most basic senses- which of these statements applies to you?

    3. 3. What sort of diver are you?

      OCAL / Via

      Not a diver? That’s OK, you don’t have to dive to study Maritime Archaeology!

    4. 4. Which time period most interests you?

      Artwork designed by ragingtrombones. Made by Zazzle Paper in San Jose, CA. / Via
    5. 5. Pick your tool of choice!

      Ry-Spirit / Via

    Find out more about Maritime Archaeology by taking this online course !

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