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19 Things You Learn Working In M&S Simply Food

You'll eat a lot of sandwiches.

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1. Restacking the Percy Pigs is basically a full time job.

Instagram: @lindseykelk

Britain is a nation of Percy addicts.

2. And yum yums sell out really fast too.

Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

Is it because they're just a slightly classier version of a doughnut? Idk. But I do know that we sell dozens of these bad boys every day.

4. In fact, we would choose working on the till over being arm-deep in fridge any day of the week.

Instagram: @thebrizzz

Watching smugly from the till while some other poor fella freezes his bits off restocking 2 for £3 salad boxes = winning at life.


6. For ages we had to deal with people getting outraged by our 5p bag charge…

Instagram: @alismith7

"No Sir, I don’t think it will be possible to fit a loaf of bread, a Rainbow Super Salad, four Mini Bites tubs, and a bottle of Prosecco into a small bag."

7. Those of us who work in train stations know how to deal with the most stressed out people in the world.

Instagram: @kiramadeira

Not only is everyone impatient, but they’re about to miss their train.


8. Luckily, the M&S lifers are always on hand to offer advice.

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There are always a few members of staff who've been working at M&S for more years than anyone can remember. They are our oracles.

11. The most exciting part of the day is when we get to raid the stuff that's gone past it's "best before" date.

Instagram: @vickylouise_xo

The food is SO GOOD.


12. But we've all gone overboard and taken too many home at least once before now.

Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

For a while, we really over-excited and took everything home. And then we realised our kitchen fridge was starting to resemble the one at work.

15. Occasionally someone will try and return a jumper to us.

Instagram: @v_atkins

And we’re like, “Simply Food, babes. Simply. Food."


19. And finally, we all know that if we’re in charge of the yellow stickering, we will be stalked.

Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

There’s nothing quite like people eyeing you up intently while pretending not to have noticed you at all.