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    19 Things You Learn Working In M&S Simply Food

    You'll eat a lot of sandwiches.

    1. Restacking the Percy Pigs is basically a full time job.

    2. And yum yums sell out really fast too.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    Is it because they're just a slightly classier version of a doughnut? Idk. But I do know that we sell dozens of these bad boys every day.

    3. Stacking the fridges in January is a cold, thankless task.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    Please can everyone stop buying delicious sandwiches so we don’t have to fetch more from the chiller? Ta.

    4. In fact, we would choose working on the till over being arm-deep in fridge any day of the week.

    5. After a while, we all start hearing the, "Till number one, please" lady’s voice in our sleep.

    ITV / Via

    Luckily she has a really nice voice.

    6. For ages we had to deal with people getting outraged by our 5p bag charge…

    … but now we just feel ahead of the game.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    Try complaining about the 5p charge now and we will direct you to THE LAW. Ha.

    7. Those of us who work in train stations know how to deal with the most stressed out people in the world.

    8. Luckily, the M&S lifers are always on hand to offer advice.

    9. At first, we thought our black fleeces were kind of unflattering…

    Twitter: @RoyalSurrey / Via Twitter: @RoyalSurrey

    Black and lime green is no one's ideal colour combination.

    10. ...but compared to some others, we know we're lucky.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    Yep, we’re looking positively chic in comparison.

    11. The most exciting part of the day is when we get to raid the stuff that's gone past it's "best before" date.

    12. But we've all gone overboard and taken too many home at least once before now.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    For a while, we really over-excited and took everything home. And then we realised our kitchen fridge was starting to resemble the one at work.

    13. You’ve never known true panic until you get a sudden, massive queue and no one comes to your rescue.

    Twitter: @GraylingUK / Via Twitter: @GraylingUK

    You keep jabbing that goddamn buzzer but your colleague doesn’t come to save you.

    14. Speaking of which, we all have a favourite till.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    It’s just like a mum having a favourite child – you’ve probably got one, but you just can’t let on.

    15. Occasionally someone will try and return a jumper to us.

    16. Everyone popping in to get things for their picnics makes us jealous.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    We wanna go outside and eat delicious food too.

    17. But nothing makes us as jealous as when you pick up a G&T in a can.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    Shoppers love giving us that “Yes I AM being rather naughty” raised eyebrow as you scan them through.

    18. We constantly envy the people who can afford to do their whole weekly food shop in M&S.

    NBC / Via

    It's basically our life goal.

    19. And finally, we all know that if we’re in charge of the yellow stickering, we will be stalked.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    There’s nothing quite like people eyeing you up intently while pretending not to have noticed you at all.

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