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    24 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Welsh Girl

    Goes without saying we're crackin' company, but this chat will set the ladies of Cymru on edge.

    1. “Rugby is for blokes though.”

    2. “I don’t really see the appeal of Leigh Halfpenny.”

    3. “I think I’m just going to wear a nice top and jeans tonight.”

    4. “Yacky dar!”

    5. “How do you say [insert any random word] in Welsh?”

    6. “I’ll skip the biscuits, thanks.”

    7. “Umm how do you spell that street name please? And the town? And the county?”

    Flickr: mattbuck007 / Via Flickr: mattbuck007

    God, it’s like this ASOS customer service dude has never heard of Betws-y-Coed before.

    8. “Watch the video I just sent you – so cuuuute!”

    9. “Have you got any change for the bridge?”

    10. “I can’t stand fake tan.”

    11. “What does the Welsh national anthem actually mean?”

    12. “Did you used to have one of those hairbands with your name on when you were little?”

    13. “Can you explain that Owain Hughes joke from Gavin And Stacey to me?”


    We wish we could.

    14. “You had a filling in your what?”

    15. “Curry sauce! On chips! That’s disgusting.”

    16. “So, where would you actually want to live?”

    17. “You’re Welsh? Oh, my father-in-law’s vicar’s dog groomer is Welsh – do you know her?”

    BBC / Via

    A population of over 3 million and still everyone thinks we live in one big village.

    18. “Is your office like The Call Centre?”

    19. “Sorry we only have Earl Grey.”

    20. “I’ve only been to Wales once, but I can speak Welsh.”

    21. “Do you have Zara/Topshop/any shops at all in Wales?”

    22. “What’s it like living in the Valleys?”

    23. “Can you sing? All Welsh people can sing.”

    24. “I hate Greggs.”

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