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19 Reasons Everyone Should Have A Welsh Best Friend

Just make sure you're always fully stocked up on tea.

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1. They will never say no to a night out.

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The phrase "I think I’ll just stay for one drink, thanks" has never been uttered inside the Welsh borders.

2. Or to karaoke.

Because all Welsh people can either sing, or they bloody well think they can.

3. They’ll drop random Welsh words into conversation.

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"Sorry for being sick in your bin tonight, Sarah. Nos da!"

4. Welsh friends never take themselves too seriously…

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We come from a place where Gavin & Stacey's Nessa is considered a cultural icon, so it's safe to say we can laugh at ourselves.

5. … so they’ll never have a chip on their shoulder.

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But they will almost always have chips, especially at the end of a big night.

6. They can teach you how to do a magnificent Welsh accent.

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Instead of the Indian accent most people do when they’re pretending to be Welsh.

7. They can introduce you to all the wonders of Wales, like the countryside.

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Not just fields full of sheep, you see?

8. And, most importantly, the historical attractions.

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If you’ve never been to St Fagans, you haven’t lived.

9. You’ll never feel greedy in their company.

You know how you feel bad when a friend orders a salad? That just won’t happen with a Welsh friend.
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You know how you feel bad when a friend orders a salad? That just won’t happen with a Welsh friend.

10. They’ll never fuck up a tea round.

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Welsh people know how important tea is, so you can trust them with this essential task.

11. They know how to ace a cosy night in

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Growing up in a place where it rains 80% of the time does that to you.

12. They will always have an umbrella to share.

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As above.

13. Their taste in hats is always on point.

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Whatever team you support, watching a game of rugby is approximately 98% more exciting when you’re sat next to someone with a daffodil on their head.

14. Their mum will show you loads of embarrassing childhood photos.

"And this is what she used to wear to school sometimes…" etc
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"And this is what she used to wear to school sometimes…" etc

15. But they won’t care, because Welsh people aren’t easily shamed.

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When you decide to get up on stage in a busy bar and perform a "sexy" dance to "Don’t Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls, we’ll join you, not judge you.

16. Awkward silences will never be a thing.

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Although you may occasionally struggle to get a word in edgeways.

17. A Welsh friend will never demand you meet them at a pretentious restaurant.

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Given that the local curry house was probably the most glamorous eatery we grew up with, scary restaurants are off the menu.

18. They can probably drive.

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They learnt straight away through necessity, because of inadequate public transport.

19. You will never, ever be bored in their company.

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But you might be hungover on a fairly regular basis.