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    21 Life Lessons Adult Braces Teach You

    Bye, Nando's corn on the cob.

    1. Lots of people will say, "You can't even notice them!"

    2. But as soon as you start talking about them, everyone loses interest.

    3. You will crave Nando's corn on the cob like never before.

    4. And weirdly, you'll start craving apples too.

    5. And spinach can do one.

    6. Examining your teeth at least 10 times a day becomes standard protocol.

    7. And you'll get really passionate about flossing.

    8. No matter how mature you are, you'll always act like a child in front of your orthodontist.

    9. But choosing your brace colours is no longer a thing when you're over the age of 18.

    10. You'll soon learn that dental wax is better than vodka.

    11. Because braces actually really hurt.

    12. Every bag must have space for an emergency brace kit.

    13. And no bag must contain lipstick.

    14. You'll get excited whenever you see anyone else with braces.

    15. Pouting will be your new go-to face in photos.

    16. And no one else's eating methods will be quite like yours.

    17. Time doesn't go as quickly as you think

    18. You'll feel the need to acknowledge your braces within five minutes of meeting a new person.

    19. And everyone will say "Ooo, I had those as a teenager".

    20. You'll spend hours stalking the #adultbraces hashtag.

    21. And finally, "It'll be worth it in the end" will become your new mantra.