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    21 Life Lessons Adult Braces Teach You

    Bye, Nando's corn on the cob.

    1. Lots of people will say, "You can't even notice them!" / Via

    Others will shout "OH MY GOD YOU GOT BRACES!" the second they bump into you. Both reactions are equally irritating.

    2. But as soon as you start talking about them, everyone loses interest. / Via

    It's fine when you're a teen and all your friends can relate, but whinging about your braces as an adult is a bit like tweeting your daily MapMyRun results: No. One. Cares.

    3. You will crave Nando's corn on the cob like never before.

    Via Twitter: @VGRFITNESS

    You won't realise how magical this delicacy is until it's sitting tantalisingly in front of your hopeless jaws. Sob.

    4. And weirdly, you'll start craving apples too.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    In fact, just wave bye-bye to all foods that involve serious biting... *tearfully puts crusty bread in bin*.

    5. And spinach can do one.

    World of Wonder / Via

    This absolute bitch of a food will ALWAYS get stuck in your braces. Just don't even go there.

    6. Examining your teeth at least 10 times a day becomes standard protocol.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Your gnashers get more mirror time than Kim Kardashian's derriere. And it's always mortifying when someone catches you gurning in the mirror at work.

    7. And you'll get really passionate about flossing.

    Instagram: @beyonce / Via

    All those times you were like "Yeah, yeah" when your hygienist told you to floss daily, and now it's not an option it's all you bloody dream of.

    8. No matter how mature you are, you'll always act like a child in front of your orthodontist.

    NBC / Via

    Your kidlike behaviours will range from snivelling as they shove yet another piece of metal between your molars to asking, "Are they coming off yet? Are they coming off yet?" every time you see them.

    9. But choosing your brace colours is no longer a thing when you're over the age of 18. / Via

    Pink and purple? No, no, no. All you want is the least noticeable option possible.

    10. You'll soon learn that dental wax is better than vodka.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    Nothing numbs the pain like this bad boy. Every so often, as a special treat, you'll cover every bracket with it just for the pure relief. Don't ever let anyone see you like this.

    11. Because braces actually really hurt. / Via

    You'd kinda assumed all this "brace pain" chat was just 13-year-olds being overly sensitive, but it's true: Having your teeth moved around in your jawbone and sharp bits of metal stabbing into your cheeks does actually hurt like hell.

    12. Every bag must have space for an emergency brace kit.

    Sophie Hines / BuzzFeed

    Oh, what's this? Just a collection of wax, mouthwash, and brace cleaning devices chilling out in your handbag, that's all.

    13. And no bag must contain lipstick.

    Orion Pictures / Via

    You learn to give up on lipstick. It will only highlight the awkward mouthware.

    14. You'll get excited whenever you see anyone else with braces.

    LLC / Via

    Then you'll realise it's a 14-year-old on his way home from school.

    15. Pouting will be your new go-to face in photos.

    E! / Via

    Smiling with teeth = shows your brace. Smiling with closed mouth = weird bulgy brace lips. The pout covers a multitude of sins.

    16. And no one else's eating methods will be quite like yours.

    Twitter: @jquirke09 / Via Twitter: @jquirke09

    Fajitas with a knife and fork? Toblerone on a chopping board? It's alright amongst brace-faced teen friends, but you get weird looks for this in adulthood.

    17. Time doesn't go as quickly as you think / Via

    Adults love harping on about time going more quickly as you grow up, but you revert to child years during the 18-month wait for your braces to come off.

    18. You'll feel the need to acknowledge your braces within five minutes of meeting a new person. / Via

    Just in case they were sitting there thinking you hadn't noticed the big pile of metal in your mouth.

    19. And everyone will say "Ooo, I had those as a teenager".

    Dreamworks Studios / Via

    And you'll probably be like, "YES SO DID I BUT THEY DIDN'T FREAKIN WORK SO HERE I AM AGAIN, EXCEPT THIS TIME, IT'S REALLY EXPENSIVE". In your head, obviously.

    20. You'll spend hours stalking the #adultbraces hashtag. / Via

    Seeing all those amazing before and after pictures gives you hope. Plus it reminds you that you're not alone.

    21. And finally, "It'll be worth it in the end" will become your new mantra.

    It will, it will, IT WILL.