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    Posted on Dec 16, 2014

    Are You Actually Welsh?

    Pob lwc i bawb.

    1. 1. You’ve decided to start a blog. What will you call it?

      CW /
    2. 2. A mega hottie catches your eye in a club. You...

      NBC /
    3. 3. Can you name this Welsh holiday destination?

      Flickr: rofanator
    4. 4. Someone offers to buy you "Gwin gwyn". How do you respond?
    5. 5. You learnt long ago that “Guns don’t kill people, rappers do, from…”
    6. 6. In heaven, all chips come with…

      Flickr: isriya
    7. 7. What does the Eisteddfod mean to you?
    8. 8. On March 1st you wake up feeling…
    9. 9. Which of these first wedding dances is yours?
    10. 10. You buy a double gin and tonic at a bar and are told that it costs £12. You...
    11. 11. Complete this sentence: “As long as we beat the…”
    12. 12. What was your most commonly used piece of P.E. kit as a kid?

      Paramount Pictures /
    13. 13. Your friend informs you that they’re going skiing this spring. You...

      Universal Studios /
    14. 14. Which of these would horrify you the most on a night out?
    15. 15. What excites you most about Christmas?

      BBC /
    16. 16. If you were a bridge, you’d be?
    17. 17. How proud are you of your nationality?

      BBC /

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