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    25 Of The Most Useless, Expensive, And Awesome Items To Spend Your Money On reveals to us insanely expensive useless but awesome things you can buy if you're super rich (or just want to go broke).

    1. The Millenium Falcon Guitar - Retail Price: $5,000+

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    Use the force to rock out like a true geek with this Star Wars Millennium Falcon guitar! With real working lights and sound effects and a tribute to R2-D2 at the headstock, this playable electric guitar is unquestionably the holy grail of geeky guitars.

    2. Portable Super Nintendo Player - Retail Price: $99.95

    Break out that box of old Super Nintendo cartridges you’ve got in storage because now you replay all the classics in this amazing handheld Super Nintendo player! Shaped like the original controller of a Super Nintendo, this pocket SNES is great for nostalgic gamers.

    3. Daft Punk Helmet - Retail Price: $1,400

    Make yourself look harder, better, faster, and stronger with these replica Daft Punk helmets. These one size fits all helmets include four bright LEDs, an adjustable computer chip for light speeds, and a sealed gold finish for that authentic look.

    4. Electric Motorized Shoes - Retail Price: $649

    Walking is difficult. You’ve got to use all those lousy leg muscles, not to mention overload your brain with orders to move each individual leg in a tiring synchronized motion. Thankfully, the Future™ has finally arrived, and now you can move effortlessly with electric motorized shoes.

    4. Radio Control Flying Superhero - Retail Price: $345

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a flying superhero? Now you can troll curious onlookers with these radio control flying superheroes that from a distance look like actual flying humans! Adding a red superhero cape to really finish off the look is recommended too.

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    5. Life Size Sculpture Of T-Rex - Retail Price: $32,734.87

    Turn your backyard into a dinosaur museum with these life size T-Rex and other various dinosaur sculptures! Standing over twelve feet tall, this realistic T-Rex sculpture is the next best thing to having a private island, a team of scientists, and a prehistoric frozen mosquito.

    6. Levitating Lamp - Retail Price: $1,300

    Light up your home or office using the awesome power of Science™! These levitating lamps use built in electromagnetic components to allow these futuristic lamps to float in thin air. Available in two unique styles, these lamps will be an instant conversation piece.

    7. Zombie Survival Experience - Retail Price: $225

    Can't wait for the zombie apocalypse to hit? Neither can we! Thankfully we can appease our appetite for living day to day, constructing fortresses, and killing zombies with this one of a kind zombie survival experience in a shopping mall using airsoft guns and zombie actors.

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    8. Mobile Land Fortress - Retail Price: $20,000

    In these uncertain times you can’t not afford to have the best in your armored mobile tech. The JL421 Badonkadonk is the most sophisticated land cruiser tank a private civilian can buy – and at a price of only $20K you’ll have wads of cash leftover to buy fortress accessories.

    9. Cheeseburger Bed - Retail Price: $25,000

    Sleep like the burger king with the hamburger bed that comes with your choice of toppings, soda, and a side of fries. Made using only the freshest ingredients, this delicious bed will wrap you up in between its lettuce and cheese, giving you a wonderful night’s sleep.

    10. Transparent Pool Table - Retail Price: $46,000

    No bachelor pad should be without one of these transparent pool tables. Modern yet functional, for a small purchase price of only forty six thousand dollars this futuristic billiards table will show off your wealth and fine tastes, or possibly explain your mounting debt issues.

    11. Beer Tap Arcade Machine - Retail Price: $3,999.99

    Combine your love of alcohol and arcade gaming with this beer tap arcade machine that comes with over sixty classic arcade titles and a five gallon keg. Capable of serving over fifty five beers from the tap, this gaming / beer machine is a must have for gamers who love to drink.

    12. Aquarium Sink - Retail Price: $4,500

    Upgrade your bachelor pad with this modern aquarium sink that can accommodate both fish and plant life. Perfect for any over the top bathroom remodel, this unique sink comes equipped with an aquarium light, air pump, and two large entry points located at the top.

    13. The Segway Skateboard - Retail Price: $499.99

    Motorized skateboards are nothing new, but this weight sensing skateboard takes things to a whole new level. It uses intuitive shifting of your body weight to move on the skateboard, similar to a Segway – just lean in the direction you want to go and the board will do the rest!

    14. Giant Lava Lamp Tower: Retail Price: $5,500

    If you’re bored with regular lava lamps, step up to the giant lava lamps that use real lava! These giant lava lamps make great home decor and also will double as a heater in the winter months from all the heat it gives off.

    15. Ghostbusters Proton Backpack - Retail Price: $850

    Was your home built on an Indian burial ground? Have ghosts been whispering to you instructions to murder your family? If so, you’ve got a ghost infestation problem. Buy yourself a Ghostbusters proton backpack and take care of those pesky apparitions once and for all.

    16. Poolside Rock Climbing Wall - Retail Price: $4,554.00+

    Few things mesh together better than slippery surfaces, wet hands, and rock climbing. These custom made poolside rock climbing walls are a fun and slippery twist on the great sport of rock climbing, and require no ropes, harnesses, or other typical rock climbing gear.

    17. The Night Stand Fridge - Retail Price: $379.99

    Hide drinks and food in this nightstand that secretly contains a fridge inside of it instead of drawers. With more than meets the eye, these nightstand fridges are the perfect man cave accessory to place right next to a really comfy lounger.

    18. Fantasy League Trophy - Retail Price $300

    Reward your excellence in arm chair sports with these more realistic fantasy league trophies. Regardless of what type of fantasy league you are apart of, there is a hilarious trophy for every kind of sport, all the way from fantasy football to fantasy hockey.

    19. Airsoft Mini Gun - Retail Price $3,500

    When you really want to go to war you need a serious weapon to get the job done. This Airsoft Mini Gun is the real deal weighing in at 33lbs, it is a 1:1 scale of a actual mini gun, and fires at a rate of 400 rounds per minute.

    20. Art Deco Ash Tray - Retail Price: $48

    This modern style ash tray is a great accessory for any modern style homes or apartments. The ash tray packages include the pebbles shown in the photo, or you can switch it out for any pebbles or other objects you want to put inside of it.


    21. Desk Cup Holder - Retail Price: $19.99

    Now you can easily have a cup holder on your desk with these clip on desk cup holders. No longer must you place your drink on top of your desk, dirtying the glass, warping the wooden top, or risking knocking over and spilling your drink all over your keyboard and mouse.

    22. Zombie Wall Plaque - Retail Price: $400

    Proudly mount another zombie kill on your wall with these zombie trophy wall plaques. Painted by hand, these incredibly detailed zombies are the perfect gift idea for the taxidermist who has it all, and will be an instant conversation piece in any home.

    23. The Royal Throne Toilet - Retail Price: $11,977.50

    Reign supreme on the porcelain throne with this beautifully crafted royal toilet that is fit for a king. With medieval luxury, this wooden royal toilet throne includes a candle holder, ash tray, and even plays a musical chime as the toilet seat gloriously rises.

    24. Flying Carpet Lounger - Retail Price: $1,000

    Relax on these unique loungers that looks like a flying carpet. Perfect for adding a unique hangout spot to your home, these flying carpet lounger also work great as play area for kids. The wedges can be detached at any time as well without use of tools.

    25. The 14,000 Gumball Machine - Retail Price: $3,900

    This gumball machine holds 14,000+ gumballs. This massive 14,000 gumball machine stands 7 feet tall and is nearly 4 feet wide… Yes, this gumball machine is very real, and very awesome.

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