21 Signs You Went To Indiana University

Hoosier daddy?

1. You refer to all breakfast sandwiches as breakfast buddies

2. You have an undying loyalty to your favorite PizzaX dipping sauce.

3. You’ve ordered a water long island at a non-Bloomington bar and received this look…

4. This is how you react when someone says it’s Tuesday…

5. You think Goldfish are a perfectly acceptable salad ingredient (thanks Mother Bear’s).

6. You’ve lost your dignity thanks to a Hairy Bear.

7. You’ve shaken this Herman’s hand…

8. And given this Herman the finger.

9. You’ve worn each of these outfits within a three day period. Dear Bloomington weather, please make up your mind.

10. You dropped a class because it was on the 5th floor of Ballantine.

11. Your team may have never won a football game, but you’ve never lost a tailgate.

12. You’ve taken a shot out of a dangerously soggy Dixie cup.

13. You consider yourself a pro at Sink The Biz.

14. You know that no one throws a chair like Bobby Knight.

15. You thought you were a bad ass for jumping into the quarry…

Until a townie came and showed you the real jumping off point.

16. You’ve scrambled through Kilroy’s in an attempt to get a selfie with Mark Cuban.

17. You’ve tried every flavored, creamy, candy-whipped alcohol because it was the “$1 shot of the month” at Sports.

18. You’ve been locked out of Taco Bell due to leaving Sports after 2 a.m.

19. Watching the “Wat Shot” was the closest you’ve come to finding god.

20. You’ve been violated on the Sports dance floor.

21. Whether you remember it or not, Little 500 was the best week of your life.

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