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22 Way-Too-Real Tweets About Sweating That'll Make You Feel Personally Attacked

Why. Do. I. Sweat. So. Much.

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1. Stand down:

me, sweating profusely, pointing a gun at the sun: i wont hesitate bitch

2. Winner winner:

I am sweatier that Bob Sweaty McSweatson, winner of sweatiest person to have ever lived, whilst in a sauna, dousing himself in sweat.

3. Thoughts are dangerous:

this weather got me fucked up i started sweating just thinking about going outside

4. Never clean:

Am I allowed to take a second shower if Im sweating this much right after the first shower?

5. Challenge accepted:

Point to any area of my body and I'll bet I can sweat from there.

6. Which one's which:

exercise tip: nobody can tell sweat from tears as they both stream down your face. remember to breathe, if you really still want to.

7. Face the camera:

*showers too soon after the big game and keeps sweating through entire press conference*

8. Magic lamp:

If a genie granted me 3 wishes, all 3 of them would be to not look so sweaty in pictures.

9. Pool party:

Took a nap and woke up in a pool of sweat. Which is the least popular of all pools to wake up in.

10. Excuse me:

How every #tsa check goes for me Them: "u have a blob on your back. We have to pat u down" They pat me down Just sweat #sweatypeopleproblems

11. The right breakdown:

Success is 90% perspiration, 10% apologizing for leaving a sweat stain.

12. But really how:

Hey people who aren’t sweating: how are you doing that? Also: fuck you.

13. Mistaken:

Woman: [pointing to the sweat pouring off my stupid face] someone loves the gym! Me: i literally just walked in here

14. It's just emotions:

of all the emotions, sweating through make-up is my least favorite

15. After school activities:

My hobbies? I don’t know... is sweating a hobby?

16. Search engine:

I actually Googled "how to stop sweating" today.

17. #1 bestseller:

sweating whilst sitting: an autobiography

18. Spellcheck:

I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that the girl who just passed me a note meant to call me "sweetie" and not "sweaty."

19. Questions:

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like, "um why is she sweating so much"

20. Don't touch that:

God forbid you marry a man that starts sweating like Judas all because you touched his phone

21. Florida:

anybody know how to walk out of an establishment in fl and make it to your car before you start sweating

22. I know:

"I know it's 54 degrees out, that's why I'm wearing shorts." Actual words I just uttered. #SweatyPeopleProblems

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