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23 Times Reese Witherspoon Took Your Breath Away

Bend and snap.

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6. When her shoulders looked like she was wearing the most fashionable armor there ever was.

Tim Whitby / Via Getty Images

Out of Breath Level: Walking upstairs only to realize you left your lip balm downstairs.


12. When she had all the detailing and all the cutouts and all the patterns but she still looked effortless.

Tim P. Whitby / Via Getty Images for BFI

Out of Breath Level: Powerwalking with your mom and her friend group of super-fit 60 year olds.


17. When her dress had the most beautiful knot ever, kind of how your heart was in a knot when you looked at it.

Stephen Lovekin / Via Getty Images

Out of Breath Level: Training all year for the New York City Marathon.

19. When you didn't know if she was actually a 1940s starlet who took a time machine into the future.

David Livingston / Via Getty Images

Out of Breath Level: Carrying a huge load of books out of Barnes and Noble.