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Norway’s Crazy High School Tradition Puts Other Teens Around The World To Shame

It's called russ — and it's insane.

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The russ grab their buddies...

... and travel around getting SMASHED.

And carry around special russ cards.


They also complete insane dares in order to get knots, or russeknuter, on their caps.

Think of it as Girl Scout badges but for the drunk and brave.


These dares can range from drinking a shit ton of beer with tampons in your mouth...

... to kissing police officers...

... to licking the floor.

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See also: having sex with 17 people in 17 days, pretending you're an animal for an entire school day, buying a pack of condoms using only body language, and more. The sexual acts got so bad that they changed the wording to "have SAFE sex with 17 people in 17 days."

Oh, and at least two people have to witness you do any of these dares in order to get the knute.

The teens also attend different parties and festivals around the country.

Nothing is safe from the russ.

This is a trailer for one of their parties.

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That's right, their parties have TRAILERS.

And all of this is not only legal but ENCOURAGED.

"Ah those silly russ, having sex in the woods while their friends watch!"

On May 17, they all walk in different parades for Norway's Independence Day.

But unfortunately have to take their final exams two weeks later.

Let's all add a bit of russ to our lives.