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18 Things People Who Went To A Football School Know To Be True

Tailgating is an art, and you have mastered it.

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1. You're really into your school's colors. Like wedding invitations into.

Can you tell I went to LSU? Can you? CAN YOU?

2. Your closet is filled with appropriately colored spirit gear.

Just in case people mistake who you're rooting for.

3. Your kids are basically mini-fans, already showing off their love for your team.

It's not like they HAVE to go to USC. It's just that they have to.

4. Unfortunately, your pets have become victims of your obsession.

"Come here Fluffy, you WILL wear this jersey."

5. You count down the days until the season starts.

Just... seven... more... months...

6. Tailgating is an art form, and you have mastered it.

The game starts at 6 p.m.? Gotta wake up at 8 a.m. to start.

7. You can recite all your national championships like you're talking about what you ate for breakfast.

TL;DR — We're the best.

8. A simple hand signal is all it takes to recognize a fellow fan.

Fight on. Roll tide. Hook 'em.

9. Seeing your marching band play live beats any radio station.

Your school's fight song might be on your Top 10 Most Played list.

10. Rivalries require every inch of your soul.

Shit-talking, pranks, all-around hatred of other schools — man, loving something so hard can really be emotionally taxing.

11. You're willing to travel across the country to support your beloved team.

You don't even care that there are 10,000 people booing you as you walk to your seat.

12. Coaches, past and present, are Gods.

Unless they lose. Then they suck.

13. You start to see your team everywhere.

Am I imagining things? Nope, this place really is named Sooner Foods.

14. Your home is most likely a shrine to your college's team.

"So where will my life-sized Spartan doll go?"

15. You most definitely signed up for text alerts.

*checks phone constantly at dinner*

16. You know you're never too old to visit and watch your team kick ass.

You thought getting drunk at football games would be sad at this age. But it's still fucking awesome.

17. And you know that if you can't make the game, watching it at a bar can be just as much fun.

Bar meet-ups can be just as epic.

18. But most importantly, you know that there's nothing more exciting then walking up to the stadium...

Nothing more spine-tingling than joining in a chant or two...

Nothing more moving than watching a game with your family of thousands.

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