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"Saturday Night Live" Made Fun Of Taylor Swift's #Squad

The Squad, the horror film you never knew you wanted.

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So Taylor Swift has been doing this thing where she brings every living soul with her out on tour. Seriously, everyone from Heidi Klum to Uzo Aduba to the U.S. Women's Soccer Team to Mick Jagger.

She's only 10 trading cards away from a truly kickass collection.

And when she's not welcoming every famous person ever onto the stage, Taylor likes to kick back, relax, and post photos of all her famous besties on Instagram.

See, Taylor + famous besties = #squad. Simple math really.

In response to Tay's ever expanding BFF circle, Saturday Night Live had a hilarious short about what happens when Taylor's #squadgoals turn into the TAYPOCALYPSE:

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See what I did there? TAYPOCALYPSE. It's like apocalypse, but with a "Tay" in front, lol.

After partying it up the night before, Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant wake up in a deserted hospital:

NBC / Via

Ten points to SNL for the great Walking Dead wink. And for some awesome Children of Men imagery as well.

Then the girls soon learn that Taylor's #squad has basically taken over the world:


Some of the symptoms of this new virus include joining T. Swift on tour:

NBC / Via


NBC / Via

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón.

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