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19 Beauties Who Rocked Their Natural Hair


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1. This beauty, whose side part is the most important one since Moses parted the Red Sea.

2. This beauty, who frankly doesn't have time for our praise because she knows her hair is the shit.

3. This beauty, whose hair is definitely more fascinating than whatever book she's reading.

4. This beauty, whose side-eye says, "That's right, my hair is ON POINT."

5. This beauty, who's smiling because she knows her hair is on fleek.

6. This beauty, whose epic stare is as fierce as her hair.

7. This beauty, whose hair makes us want to raise our hands in the air.

8. This beauty, whose peek-a-boo curls are playing games with our heart.

9. This beauty, whose smirk says, "Try to find something cuter than my hair."

10. This beauty, who knows that there's nothing sad about her perfection of a 'do.

11. This beauty, whose hair screams, "I'm the life of the party."

12. This beauty, whose hair says, "Just try to forget about me. You can't."

13. This beauty, who's obviously modest but should know how on point her hair is.

14. This beauty, who is so used to people fawning over her gorgeous hair that she has to turn away.

15. This beauty, who is probably happy because her hair is so mesmerizing.

16. This beauty, whose hair is too cool for school.

17. This beauty, whose hair makes us want to dance at Studio 54.

18. This beauty, who has to look away from the camera or she'd be blinded by her hair's perfect reflection.

19. And this pint-size beauty: