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    Take A Look Inside Karrueche Tran's Closet

    The star of StyleHaul's scripted series Vanity lets BuzzFeed take a peek inside her closet.

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    Macey J. Foronda and Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    What's the oldest thing in your closet?

    Probably some old t-shirts, they're probably from my early twenties. I'm 27 now.

    What's the newest?

    Well this morning I went to Nasty Gal. It's right there! I am always there because it's convenient, it's literally four minutes away. I'm leaving town on Wednesday, so lemme just see what they have — just in case! I bought a necklace and a romper, a jumper.

    Macey J. Foronda and Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    What's your "color"?

    I don't know why but the nude pinkish color, like a blush almost, is my favorite. I wore a dress last week to a charity event and it's my favorite. I think it goes well with my skintone.

    What did you get just because it was pretty but you haven't worn it once/ a lot?

    There are a few things that I have in my closet that are just sitting there with the tags on them — I'm waiting for the right time. H&M and Alexander Wang — [they] had their collaboration — and I bought a ton of stuff. I bought a dress that I haven't worn yet, it's super cute.

    Macey J. Foronda and Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    Which item most represents your style?

    Probably some sort of romper or jumper because I'm all about comfort. A romper is comfortable for me because it's not too tight, not too loose. It's the perfect shape.

    If you could describe your style in three words, what would you choose?

    In three words, Jesus. Comfortable, simple, and what's the word? I like to go for things that fit my body the best — proportional! I'm tiny so I love crop tops because it gives me some shape, high waisted bottoms — all of that. Whatever makes me look the best, shape-wise.

    Macey J. Foronda and Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    What's your cardinal rule of fashion?

    How do I phrase this? Don't let it wear you.

    You wear the dress, don't let the dress wear you.

    Yes, I think that's important! I think people when they see designer clothes they think, It's the best thing ever, or Because I'm wearing Chanel, it's OK. Excuse me, I love Chanel but not everything [works] for your body fit or your style. I think people need to focus on [themselves] and their body and their style rather than, Beyoncé wore that so I'm gonna wear it too.

    What's your fashion pet peeve?

    I think it would be just people wearing designer clothing just because it's designer clothing. Just because it costs this much or it's this brand — that's kind of lame. It's cool to have designer stuff but I think having style looks better wearing an outfit from H&M opposed to from [whatever designer].

    Macey J. Foronda and Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    Heels or flats?

    Heels. I'm 5'1" — I need that height!

    What's your #1 "going out" outfit?

    If I'm in LA, it's pretty much casual so a cute pair of jeans, nice pair of heels that are not too dressy or too high and a cute top. Could be a crop top or a flowy tank top.

    What's your perfect brunch outfit?

    I would say a cute daytime dress, like a maxi dress or a romper.

    What's your traveling/ airport outfit?

    I'm all about comfort so it's either leggings and a top or sweats and a sweater. Jeans on a plane — no way it's just uncomfortable.

    Macey J. Foronda and Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    Do you wear heels on your flights?

    I have before and that was from [LA] to Vegas and if I have to it's coming from an event straight to somewhere. And often times I'm like, need a change of clothes before I get on the plane.

    What's the best thing about your closet?

    Easy access. I think that's why I made that room like that 'cause I like to see everything. I'll forget that I have something so I like to see what my options are.

    What's one thing you would change about your closet?

    I would just like it to be bigger — I'm running out of space! I have another room but I use it as my office. But more space and more cubbies. I saw pictures of Khloé Kardashian's closet, it looks like a store, like a boutique. The shoes are perfectly aligned, there's a chandelier. The purses, and everything! One day, I'll get to that point.

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    What's your favorite store to shop at?

    Topshop. When it comes to the clothing, I go for the more affordable, reasonable stores. So Topshop, Nasty Gal, Zara. But shoes and stuff I'm like, Saks Fifth Avenue!

    If the world was ending and you could only take one item from your closet, what would it be?

    Either a pair of shoes or a purse. Probably a purse.

    What's a fashion item that you have way too many of?

    Well you can never have too many shoes. I have a lot of shoes but I would love more. I think I have too many shirts, just random tees and tops and they're just stashed everywhere, in the cubbies, in the drawers.

    Macey J. Foronda and Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    Jeans or dresses?

    Damn, that's hard. I would say jeans? You can dress up jeans.

    Shoes or bags?

    I'd give up bags. I have some bags, but shoes are my fave!

    Macey J. Foronda and Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    Who is your fashion icon?

    Victoria Beckham. She is — oh my God — she is perfect from head to toe. Her hairstyles, her fashion, even just her as a woman. She has her own businesses, she takes care of her business, and takes care of her family too. I think she's awesome.

    What's one thing you'll NEVER find in your closet?

    Uggs — although my house slippers that I do love, they are Uggs. I used to wear [Ugg boots] all the time. To this day, you will not find a pair of Uggs in my closet.

    Make sure to watch Karrueche on Vanity here!

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

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