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Look, We Have To Talk About The Whole Emily/Ross/Rachel Thing

I agree with you, Emily.

Hey, guys. We need to talk about something very important. Get your serious poses ready.

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We're gonna have a lil' chat about a hot-button issue: Ross and Emily's wedding, and how he said "I take thee, Rachel" at the altar.

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Ross did some pretty shady shit over the course of 10 seasons, but fucking up the name of his wife on his wedding day was near the top. As were his pathetic jokes afterwards about "how funny that was."

Emily was, understandably, pretty upset. I would be too if the guy I was about to marry said the name of his EX-GIRLFRIEND instead of mine at the altar, in front of all my friends and family.

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MIGHT I POINT OUT: Not only did Ross say the wrong name, but he also decided to go on his honeymoon with RACHEL, which Emily saw when she showed up at the airport.

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So you said the wrong name, Ross. But then you ALSO tried to go on your honeymoon with the same woman? Minus 10,000 points, dude.

After that, Ross tried to save this sham of a marriage by agreeing not to talk to Rachel anymore.

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You're the one who told him to do whatever it takes to fix his marriage! How ironic!

But after a while, Ross was like, "Nooooope, I still wanna hang out with Rachel" and chose her over Emily. Apparently, people are supposed to be happy about this because Emily was being too controlling.

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I am not saying that it was the right decision and Ross should have stuck to it — all I mean is that I can totally see where Emily was coming from.

Just think about it. Ross literally said "I take thee, Rachel" as Emily stared at him in confusion and anger.

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So people are surprised that Emily wouldn't want Ross to remain friends with Rachel?

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Technically, he can!

And Ross, if this was sooooo ridiculous, why did you agree to it in the first place? There was a part of you at some point that was like, "Sure, babe!" and then all of a sudden it became too much?

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Ross = the worst, ever.

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As for Rachel? Well, that's a whole nother story.

  1. Was Emily being too controlling or was she in the right?

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Was Emily being too controlling or was she in the right?
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    Emily's request makes sense — Ross fucked up!
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    Emily should have just gotten over it — Ross shouldn't have had to cut people out of his life.
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    I don't really care, tbh.

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