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    17 Reasons Why "The Shahs Of Sunset" Has The Smartest Cast On TV

    Stick a mustache on it.

    1. They know how important it is to stay hydrated.

    Bravo / Via

    2. They know how to have productive discussions.

    Bravo / Via

    3. They understand the importance of social media.

    4. They are always working on themselves.

    5. They juggle the most difficult careers.

    Bravo / Via

    6. They believe that violence is never the answer.

    7. Nothing gets past them.

    8. They have a healthy opinion about body image.

    Bravo / Via

    9. They apply motivational quotes to their daily lives.

    10. They make the wittiest toasts.

    Bravo / Via

    11. They know glamour is from head to toe.

    12. They have a solution for everything.

    Bravo / Via

    13. They know how to drive a point home.

    14. They know how to sincerely apologize.

    15. They understand the importance of good style.

    Bravo / Via

    16. They know that food can get you through the toughest of times.

    Bravo / Via

    17. And most importantly, they know when no words are needed.

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