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44 Nightmares From High School That All Girls Will Remember

"Why can't I get my cartilage pierced, do you want me to have no friends?"

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1. When your crush didn't IM you within seconds of signing onto AIM.

2. When every single store was sold out of Livestrong bracelets.

3. When you weren't allowed to go to a concert on a school night.

4. When your parents wouldn't give you a private line.

5. When you had to share a cellphone with your sibling.

6. When you couldn't figure out what lyrics to choose as your away message.

7. When your parents wouldn't buy you a Blackberry/ Razr/ iPhone.

8. When you didn't know if you were in a relationship or not because they didn't change their status on Facebook.

9. When you were assigned a four-page paper.

10. When you didn't know if you would get your braces off in time for yearbook photos.

11. When you didn't have class with any of your BFFs.

12. When you had to share a computer with your entire family.


13. When you had to share a bathroom with your sibling.

14. When you had to share a bed with your siblings on vacation.

15. When you weren't allowed to go on vacation with your friend's family.

16. When you ran out of hair gel.

17. When you couldn't decide which pair of yoga pants to wear.

18. When you got invited to two sweet sixteens on the same night.

19. When your parents said you couldn't have a sweet sixteen.

20. When MTV was airing music videos and all you wanted to watch was Room Raiders.

21. When you went on the bus only to discover you left your iPod at home.

22. When your parents still made you take the bus.

23. When you weren't allowed to go to your BFF's house on a school night.


24. When your optometrist said you needed glasses.

25. When your black eyeliner ran out.

26. When you weren't allowed to get your nose pierced.

27. When you weren't allowed to get your cartilage pierced.

28. When you failed your permit test.

29. When you failed your permit test again.

30. When you passed your permit test and still had to drive with your parents.

31. When your parents didn't surprise you with a car on your 16th birthday.

32. When you had to take your younger sibling to school.

33. When you had to babysit your younger sibling.

34. When you tried to have a house party but your guilt got the best of you.

35. When a party ran out of Natty Light.

36. When your older sibling refused to get alcohol for you.

37. When your teacher asked you to read the next passage aloud to the class.

38. When someone was wearing the same prom dress as you.

39. When no one asked you to prom.

40. When you couldn't decide if your BFF was your #1 BFF or your #2 BFF.

41. When your parents wouldn't let you eat in your room.

42. When your parents wouldn't budge on your curfew.

43. When you got caught trying to see an R-rated movie.

44. And when your parents asked you how your day was.

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