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Nicki Minaj Just Got Into Another Twitter Feud

Don't mess with Nicki.

So you might know that Nicki Minaj doesn't play when it comes to feuds. Well it looks like she isn't stopping any time soon.


On Friday, the site Bossip tweeted about the lack of mainstream female emcees.

And then they started retweeting followers' opinions, some which mentioned Nicki by name.

One tweet in particular, according to US Weekly, stated that "nicki had to buy an ass to blow up."

This did not sit well with Nicki AT ALL.

She started going HAM.

Then Nicki closed it with quite the kicker.

Note to self: Never get on Nicki's bad side.

MTV / Via

Bossip started responding.

And then decided the best defense was spittin' Nicki's own rhymes.

  1. Who do you think had the better comeback?

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Who do you think had the better comeback?
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