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"Outlander" Has A New Wine Collection So Time To Say Goodbye To Your Money


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So when we heard there was going to be a new collection of Outlander-themed wine, we kind of lost it. And then we immediately acquired it so that we could drink the hell out of it.


The collection by Lot18 and Sony is inspired by Jamie and Claire at different points in the Outlander story.


The first one we tried was the Mac Dubh ($25), a Pays d’Oc Syrah, that is inspired by Jamie's nickname while at Ardsmuir.

Lot18 / Via

Sheridan: The mere fact that it's inspired by Jamie makes me want to chug this immediately. Seriously, I would drink a bottle of Jamie's sweat old school gladiator style, but I had a feeling this wine would taste better than that. And I was right! I kind of hate red wine (I'm a Pinot Grigio girl) but I was so into this. It was like the most delicious juice but the "adult" version. 4/5

Casey: Damn, "dark" Jamie. The Powers That Be over at Outlander describe this as the "dark version of Jamie," and I am here to say, be dark, Jamie, be dark. Not only would I buy this wine for myself — it's straight-up perfect for a night underneath a blanket — but I would buy this for my mom, who loves both red wine and Jamie Fraser equally. 5/5

Next we went for the Sassenach ($20), a Languedoc-la-clape Rosé. Sassenach, of course, means outsider, and is what Jamie affectionately calls Claire.

Lot18 / Via

Sheridan: When you open up this bottle of rosé, a smell of pure sophistication wafts over you, so you know this has to be inspired by Claire. This wine was very light and delicate but with a wonderful strong punch at the end, kind of like the formidable Claire. It's honestly the perfect wine for any occasion: a hot summer night, a cool winter afternoon — this rosé is mad adaptable. 5/5

Casey: I'm a red girl through and through so let me tell you I was SHOCKED by how much I loved this rosé. It was super mellow and light, and it made me feel like I was day drunk in a field of flowers. And, in this delightful dream, Jamie was there. Duh. 5/5

Then we tried A. Malcolm ($25), a Languedoc-la-clape Rouge, inspired by Jamie's pseudonym in Edinburgh.

Lot18 / Via

Sheridan: As I previously stated, I am definitely more of a white wine girl, so this red didn't do it for me. If you like a formidable bite to your wine, then A. Malcolm might be your Scottish soulmate. 3/5

Casey: TBH, this one doesn't have as much of a bold flavor as the Mac Dubh does. But that just means it's probably great for light dinners or day activities. Not every occasion calls for a brooding red wine. However, a brooding Jamie is always called for. 3.5/5

Next up was La Dame Blanche ($20), a Pays d’Oc Viognier, inspired by Claire again.

Lot18 / Via

Sheridan: ME LIKE WHITE WINE. ME FEEL GOOD DRINKING THIS. ME WANT MORE. But for real, this is a wonderful white that would pair oh-so-perfectly with a light dinner. 4/5

Casey: I'm not the biggest fan of white wine, so I'm going to tell you all to trust whatever Sheridan says on this one. BUT, my first impression is that it tastes like...well, white wine. So I guess that's a good thing! 4/5


Then we got to try Red Jamie ($25), a Côtes du Rhône Rouge, inspired by Jacobite Red Jamie, duh.

Lot18 / Via

Sheridan: This wine had a super bold taste, and yet it didn't give me heartburn, which is a miracle. It has a very strong bitterness to it, but I'll buy anything that says Jamie on it. 3/5

Casey: This red blend for sure has some bitter notes, but I love how easy it is to drink. I could definitely imagine my mom pouring another glass of this while she tells me for the upteenth time that she wants to go back to Scotland to visit the graves of the Frasers. 4/5

Finally we tried Mo Nighean Donn ($25), a California Pinot Noir. Mo Nighean Donn, of course, means "My brown-haired lass," and yes, our hearts have melted.

Lot18 / Via

Sheridan: Wow, this is a wine I imagine they actually drank back in the 1700s. It packs a punch and is definitely for those who love a bold red, but it was a bit strong for me. Warm blanket and hot Jamie not included. 2/5

Casey: This red grew on me. At first I was like, "Claire, I need more from you." But then I was like, "No, Claire, you're perfect just the way you are. And you inspire lovely wine." 3.5/5

And our favorites were...

Sheridan: Brb, buying caseloads of the Sassenach Rosé so I can bathe in it.

Casey: Honestly, who is getting me the Mac Dubh for Christmas. This isn't a joke...who is getting it for me?