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There's A Reason Why Milo Ventimiglia Stopped Using Instagram

"I feel like it had lost what I had grown to love about it as a photographer."

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If you explored a bit further, you might've noticed that Milo hasn't posted anything since 2013.

It was this pretty skyline shot with the caption, "Finito."

But, like I said, that was his LAST shot on Instagram. Have you ever wondered why? Well, in an interview with the Associated Press, Milo explained his reasoning.

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He said:

I got into Instagram because I had always been into photography...and Instagram started as a place, a collective group of photographers and artists, to kind of just share their work and their lives. And at a certain point, after doing it for three years, I saw it change into — nobody was looking at the photos, they were asking me about my acting jobs, and I kind of went, oh man. It felt like it had lost what I had grown to love about it as a photographer and I just randomly stopped...

Just a quick glance at his profile, and it's easy to see how much he loved photographing his travels:


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