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    23 Small Victories Every High School Theatre Kid Will Understand

    As told by Mr. G.

    1. When your drama teacher actually chose a GOOD musical.

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    Fuck Footloose. Fuck Cats. And especially fuck High School Musical as a fucking high school musical.

    2. And when your drama teacher turned out to be a pleasant human being.

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    There's nothing better than a drama teacher who actually wanted to be a drama teacher and not teaching as a back-up to their failed dreams on Broadway.

    3. When the school gave the drama department a proper budget.

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    You know, sets and costumes and stuff cost actual money.

    4. When every single person didn't sing something from Les Misérables in auditions.

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    Jesus, if you hear "On My Own" badly sung ONE MORE TIME.

    5. When people were actually happy with their parts when the cast list was posted.

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    Nothing worse than a person who can't sing, "Happy Birthday" thinking they're going to get the lead.

    6. When your lead actress was totally sweet and humble.

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    There's nothing worse than a 16-year-old girl who thinks she's actually Bernadette Peters. Let's take that ego down a notch, shall we?

    7. When the prop table was actually organized.

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    Wow, the cast put things back to where they belong? MIRACLE.

    8. When the choreographer was realistic about everyone's talents.

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    We just got our licenses, stop thinking we're talented enough to dance in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

    9. When the boys were OK with the fact they were in a play.

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    You know what's great? Having a male cast member who can tap dance AND not care what people think.

    10. When the chorus actually danced in unison for once.

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    That awkward moment when the girl doing ballet since she was four and the dude just needing the drama credit have to dance next to each other.

    11. When no one hooked up with one another.

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    Cast members hooking up and breaking up = the ultimate nightmare.

    12. When the understudy didn't sit backstage and plot their revenge.

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    We get it, you wanted to play Fantine. BUT GET OVER IT.

    13. When the costumes actually looked good.

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    They're not too slutty, not too tacky, not too uncomfortable. Those theatre moms did good!

    14. When the sound equipment didn't make anyone sound like Darth Vader.

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    You can actually hear people singing without any static. AMAZING.

    15. When the crew actually payed attention.

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    And isn't the random stoners who use backstage as a place to get high.

    16. When the band practiced for more than a few days.

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    HEY EVERY BAND TEACHER EVER: You know that the musical is in three months — why the fuck do you wait until the last two weeks to rehearse?

    17. When your drama teacher didn't have a complete nervous breakdown during tech week.

    18. When you got through dress rehearsal without stopping 128 times.

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    "Take it from the top of the scene" :(

    19. When you got through opening night without a single cast member getting sick.

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    Because there will always be at least one. AT LEAST ONE.

    20. When the random cast members didn't try to make their 10-second solo a Mariah Carey concert.

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    21. When no one actually flubbed their lines during a performance.

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    Come on guys, we've had three months and you have 10 pieces of dialogue. Get it right or go home.

    22. When no one injured themselves during strike.

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    You are literally holding a nail gun, stop running around.

    23. And when everyone actually had FUN.

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