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Lea Michele's Engagement Ring Is The Biggest Thing I've Ever Seen

I've been blinded.

In today's edition of Happy News, Lea Michele is engaged!

Venturelli / Getty Images

On Saturday, the Spring Awakening, Glee, and Scream Queens star announced on Instagram that she's engaged to Zandy Reich with a simple "Yes."

Now that the well-wishes are out of the way, I have to be very materialistic and just say, HOLY CRAP THAT BLEEPIN' RING.

It's...blinding me. I'm pretty sure it's big enough that it qualifies as a principality.

Aj_watt / Getty Images

It's...the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Rob Daly / Getty Images

Congrats, you two! And if you ever want to let someone borrow that ring, Lea, I'm around.

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