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18 Types Of Girls You Meet In A Sorority

Sisters until the end.

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1. The legacy who doesn't want to be there.

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Her deal: Because her mom, aunt, sister, cousin, and grandmother were all in the sorority, she never had a choice. She only shows up for mandatory events, which she spends glaring at everyone in the corner.

2. The legacy who ONLY wants to be there.

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Her deal: She has been dreaming about bid night since birth and every Instagram photo is usually captioned with, "#lovemysisters."

3. The hardcore partier who never misses a frat party.

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Her deal: Of course she'll host the pregame, is that even a question?

4. The girl who's obsessed with rankings.

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Her deal: She likes to scream something along the lines of, "We NEED to increase our standings and have a mixer with a top-tier house. HOW IS NO ONE ELSE FREAKING OUT ABOUT THIS?"

5. The MVP.

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Her deal: She’s obsessed with everything Greek and spends her spare time making hand-crafted baskets for her little, grand-little, and great-grand-little.

6. The girl who MUST have a frat boyfriend.

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Her deal: Even though she doesn't have a boyfriend, she picked out her pinning dress like three years ago.

7. The Secret GDI.

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Her deal: Though she technically lives in the house and pays dues, she really just does not give a fuck about Chapter or deliveries — you’ll see her when you see her.

8. The mama bear.

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Her deal: She's the first one you call in a break-up and she's always willing to drive you to the airport.

9. The shacker extraordinaire.

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Her deal: She knows the door codes for every frat on the Row.

10. The Mia Hamm.

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Her deal: She's always organizing 6 a.m. hikes and eating lean protein. No, I do not want to try Insanity with you.

11. The unreasonably entitled new member.

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Her deal: You literally just got a bid yesterday and you're trying to make me feel bad about showing up drunk to chapter?

12. The brainiac.

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Her deal: Need a tutor? Find her during study hours, she's single-handedly supporting the house's GPA average.

13. The Exec Member who secretly just wants to murder everyone.

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Her deal: As she's leading ritual, you can almost see the fire burning in her eyes.

14. The 20-year-old grandma.

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Her deal: She's in bed, hiding from everyone who keeps on begging her to attend just one mixer.

15. The Nibbler.

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Her deal: No one knows who she is, but the gluten-free pop tarts that you clearly labeled with your name have gone missing.

16. The Jennifer Lawrence.


Her deal: All the boys love her, all the girls want to be her. When you go to a party on the Row, they'll ask if you know her and then try to bond over her exceptional beauty, wit, and humor.

17. Your BFF.

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Her deal: Your No. 1 sidekick whether you're vomiting in a frat laundry room or snuggling in bed watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

18. And finally... the senior.

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Her deal: Let's face it, you already miss all of these crazy people.

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