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17 Questions Plus-Size Women Have For A Bunch A People

Calling all fat shamers.

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1. Why is most plus-size clothing god-awful?

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Can I get a leather legging? A party dress that isn't a mumu?

2. And what's it like to walk into almost any store and be able to try things on?

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It's a miracle: They have our size in stock!

3. Why are plus-size models half the size of actual plus-size women?

FX / Via

Isn't it a bit weird that they're padding their bodies to look like us?

4. Why do people stare when we wear bikinis at the beach?

FOX / Via

On the flip side, why do people think it's brave to wear a bikini at the beach?

5. What's it like to not have your body constantly attacked?

ABC / Via

"Gross." "Hippo." "Fat ass." LOL we hear these a lot.

6. What's it like to not have people constantly assume things about your health?

Bravo / Via

Oh hello "well-meaning" stranger!

7. Like, why do people keep on thinking that they're OUR doctor and shout medical statistics at us?

ABC / Via

I don't know you...

8. Seriously, if our doctors say that everything is fine, why do you not believe us?

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And even if we are battling health issues, it's kind of OUR business and we don't have to give you any excuses, no?

9. Wait, do people really think that constantly telling us how fat we are is going to motivate us to go to the gym?

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There's a difference between "tough love" and just plain ol' rudeness.

10. And why do people even assume that we don't workout?

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You might be surprised about how often we hit the gym.

11. Oh, and why do people keep on trying to give us diet tips if we didn't ask for them?


We'll let you know if we need your help, boo.

12. And why do people think that we're always on a diet?

NBC / Via

I'm actually not trying to lose weight right now...

13. Why does everyone get to have fucking orgies on Game of Thrones but the second Lena Dunham gets naked on Girls, everyone's like, "Eww, gross."

HBO / Via

What are the rules on sex scenes, y'all?

14. Why do people think, "If you don't like it, just lose some weight" is an appropriate response to fat shaming?

CBS / Via

Or maybe people can stop being dicks? See also: "You're just being sensitive!" and "Suck it up!"

15. And why do people ALSO skinny shame?

FOX / Via

Ugh so we're too fat and that girl over there is too skinny — how do we win this game?

16. Why do people get so upset when there's any sort of movement to make plus-size women feel good about their bodies?

AMC / Via

Is it really that bad if we're trying to live a happy life in which we love our bodies?

17. And finally: Why will people ignore this whole post and comment about how we're all gross and should be ashamed of ourselves?


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