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17 Questions Plus-Size Women Have For A Bunch A People

Calling all fat shamers.

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8. Seriously, if our doctors say that everything is fine, why do you not believe us?

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And even if we are battling health issues, it's kind of OUR business and we don't have to give you any excuses, no?

9. Wait, do people really think that constantly telling us how fat we are is going to motivate us to go to the gym?


13. Why does everyone get to have fucking orgies on Game of Thrones but the second Lena Dunham gets naked on Girls, everyone's like, "Eww, gross."

14. Why do people think, "If you don't like it, just lose some weight" is an appropriate response to fat shaming?

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Or maybe people can stop being dicks? See also: "You're just being sensitive!" and "Suck it up!"

16. Why do people get so upset when there's any sort of movement to make plus-size women feel good about their bodies?

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