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    17 Times Your Lover Henry Cavill Was Exactly Where He Was Supposed To Be

    It's his birthday.

    1. After a particularly grueling day at work, you come home to find your lover, Henry Cavill, in the kitchen. "I thought you would want some of my homemade chicken fingers," he says. "And don't worry, I stole some Sweet and Sour sauce from McDonald's."

    2. You walk to your fridge, ready for a nice, refreshing— oh no! You're out of Diet Coke. A single tear rolls down your cheek. At that moment, the door opens. It's your lover, Henry Cavill, with a case of your addiction. "I saw that you ran out," he says.

    3. Your mom calls. She says she's on her way to visit. You hang up in a panic. Your lover, Henry Cavill, looks at you and says, "I've already made reservations. She likes Hibatchi, right?" He winks at you.

    4. You're lost in Ikea, the sweat raining down your face. There are so many people. People yelling over Ghieohjnfün chairs and Ikhsloøq lamps. Your lover, Henry Cavill, finds you and carries you to the cafeteria to eat meatballs.

    5. You've been waiting for the day the shoe sale happens at Nordstrom. But when you go, everything in your size is sold out. Defeated, you return home. Your lover, Henry Cavill, is there with hundreds of boxes. "I got these all for you," he says.

    6. You're out on a run and notice you forgot your water. You're parched. All the stores are closed. But your lover, Henry Cavill, is right beside you. "I noticed you left your water bottle so I followed you on your route," he says with a grin.

    7. You're on your way home but soon realize that you invited friends over for a dinner party. You stop at the grocery store but when you get there, your lover, Henry Cavill, is in the parking lot. "I hope they like salmon," he says with a wink.

    8. You're stuck in traffic. The highways are an absolute parking lot. Your lover, Henry Cavill, suddenly slides into your passenger seat. "I heard there was traffic," he says. "So I ran here to sit with you."

    9. You're at work and your back is killing you. You suddenly feel hands on your back. Your lover, Henry Cavill, starts rubbing your shoulders. "I felt your pain through gchat," he says.

    10. You've locked yourself in the bathroom. "Maybe he won't find me here," you think. But a hand is underneath the stall. You hear a familiar voice. Your lover, Henry Cavill, is in the next stall over. "Toilet paper, my love?"

    11. You're gunning the accelerator. "Maybe if I'm fast enough," you think. You look to your left and scream in shock. Your lover, Henry Cavill, is sprinting next to you at 70 mph. "Where are we going, my love?" he asks.

    12. You swerve left and drive on a dirt road. "How do I get rid of this guy?" you ask yourself. It's dark, and you can't see anything. You hear a thud. Your lover, Henry Cavill, smiles through your sunroof. "This is so much fun!" he yells with a laugh.

    13. You hit the brakes, he goes flying off. You're worried, and go outside to check on him. Your lover, Henry Cavill, looks at you. "Do you need a neck rub, darling?" he asks.

    14. You laugh. Your lover, Henry Cavill, laughs. You fall into each other, laughing, and cuddling, and kissing.

    15. You look at your lover, Henry Cavill. "Let's go home," you say. He grabs your hand and you walk back to the car, skipping in synch with the love of your life, Henry Cavill.

    16. Your lover, Henry Cavill, holds your hand the entire ride home. You sit, and start thinking of children's names. "Claire!" you shout. "Duncan!" he says with a laugh.

    17. You reach home and get out of the car. "But what should we name our dog?" you say. Your lover, Henry Cavill, stops dead in his tracks. "You like dogs?" he says. "I'm actually more of a cat person." With that, he pivots and walks away into the darkness.