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    Posted on Jan 30, 2015

    16 Photos Of Miles Teller Because You Deserve It

    There are words too but like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    1. "I'm the boy next door."

    Ethan Miller / Via Getty Images

    2. "I'm the good guy but just dangerous enough that you won't get bored and wonder if you're missing out on anything."

    Jonathan Leibson / Via Getty Images

    3. "Your mom calls me, 'Love' and your dad calls me, 'Son,' alright?"

    Jamie McCarthy / Via Getty Images for MTV

    4. "Let me take you for a ride on my motorcycle but don't forget to put on a helmet. Safety first."

    Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

    5. "We need to talk... about our future children. What would you like to name them?"

    Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images

    6. "Did you get your nails done? I love this color on you."

    Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty Images

    7. "I'm just a dude, standing in front of a chick, praising her intelligence more than her beauty."

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

    8. "I saw a Men's Rights protest on the street so I had to give them a piece of my mind."

    Michael Loccisano / Via Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival

    9. "I could listen to you complain about Karen from work for hours."

    Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty Images

    10. "Even though your mother is crazy, I love her because I love you."

    Gareth Cattermole / Via Getty Images for BFI

    11. "I hope you're hungry, I made you a four-course meal."

    Cindy Ord / Via Getty Images

    12. "Hmm, the blue dress or the black dress? Well, the blue brings out your gorgeous eyes and the black compliments your amazing figure. Babe, you look perfect in anything."

    Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

    13. "Let's just order a pizza and pull up Netflix. You choose the toppings AND the show."

    Michael Buckner / Via Getty Images for The People's Choice Awards

    14. "Do you like bubble baths? Because I just drew one for you."

    Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Via Getty Images

    15. "Let's go for a run so that you can kick my ass again on the sprints."

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

    16. "Hey, just calling to tell you how much I love and cherish you."

    Francois Durand / Via Getty Images

    Writer's Note: Miles Teller has only said this in our beautiful dreams.

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