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    18 Tweets About Being Plus-Size That Are Way Too Real

    "Oh joy. My options are hideous flower print or...stripes."

    1. The unraveling.

    Revolutionary invention idea: leggings that don't come apart at the seams. #plussizeproblems


    If you say that 'plus size' clothes use more material so should be more expensive,why do different shoe sizes cost the same? #PlusSizeDebate

    3. Fire-starter.

    When your thighs tryna to start a fire. #PlusSizeProblems

    4. Like, why?

    5. Bye Bye Bra.

    When your bras make a unanimous decision not to fit anymore. #PlusSizeProblems

    6. Look at all the options!

    Oh joy. My options are hideous flower print or...stripes. #plussizeproblems

    7. Get it together, stores.

    When you like a designer, but they don't make clothes over a size 10... #PlusSizeProblems

    8. Seriously, I don't need a special store.

    I want the same clothes, just a bigger size. #PlusSizeProblems

    9. Oooh, I'll just look — never mind.

    "You can find more sizes online." No items found. #TallProblems #PlusSizeProblems

    10. Yeah, why is it?

    #PlusSizeDebate if a size 16 is a standard size, why is it still being called 'plus size'

    11. Hate it when my lard goes missing.

    I hate it when people see you eating healthy and assume you're dieting. Like no, we just ran out of chips and lard today. #plussizeproblems

    12. Wherefore art thou denim?

    Buying affordable, plus size jeans that actually fit, is the equivalent of winning the lottery. I have yet to win... 😭 #plussizeproblems

    13. Revolutionary: What if we used models that were actually the sizes of the clothes they were modeling?

    Brands. If you're gonna sell plus size, petite and tall, at least use models that are all of those in your TV adverts 🙄 so over it!

    14. Leagues are for sports, not dating.

    I should stop hitting on guys who are out of my league. What am I talking about? No one is out of MY league 😜😘#confidence #plussizepride

    15. Yeah, I love my body so fuck off.

    When you have to exaggerate your self confidence because everyone assumes you have low self esteem #plussize #plussizeproblems

    16. Get it right.

    Fat and ugly are not synonymous...I'm fat, but there is NOTHING about me that is ugly ❤ #plussizepride

    17. Ain't that the truth.

    LRTs... Every plus size girl has had to bear the terrible brunt of being judged/policed for what we wear & how we wear it.

    18. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I am not "pretty for a big girl." I am pretty. Period. #PlusSizePride

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