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    Cardi B, Offset, And Their Future Baby Are Gonna Be On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

    Is it too early to pre-order?

    Cardi B is many things: rapper, reality star, natural-born comedian.

    Gregg Deguire / Getty Images

    And she's also expecting a baby girl with fiancé Offset.

    Telemundo / Getty Images

    Just look at that bump!

    NBC / Getty Images

    Just look at that rock!

    Aurora Rose / Getty Images

    And because it's almost my birthday,* Rolling Stone has released the cover for its July 2nd edition shot by Ruven Afenador. Guess who's on it? Well, I told you in the headline so it's obviously Cardi, Offset, and her baby bump!!!

    Move over, "Mona Lisa." Step aside, "Starry Night." Hang this shit up in a museum!!! People throw around the word "iconic" too much nowadays but this is freakin' ICONIC!!!

    Ruven Afenador / Rolling Stone / Via

    The hair! The make-up! The bump!

    Cardi posted the same pic with a v sweet caption saying:

    I guess it was too much to ask to wait until the official July release of our @rollingstone cover! This cover is so special to me and means so much! Thank you to everyone who helped put this amazing cover together! Even tho it was leaked and suppose to be In gray fuck it. My daughter made it to the Rollin Stone cover !!!! Official release in July.You can’t ruined what’s for me ROCKSTARS @offsetyrn

    That's right, apparently it was leaked. But I'm secretly happy it was because I needed this today.

    Ruven Afenador / Rolling Stone / Via

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