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    This Pic Of J.Lo And A-Rod's Kids In Matching Pajamas Has Warmed My Cold, Dead Heart

    Please let these two stay together.

    OK, you all know Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. They're the celebrity couple of my dreams.

    They've stolen our hearts and I hope they never break up because I can't handle any more break-ups this year, you guys.

    And in the latest round of "That is so freakin' cute, love just might be real," Alex posted this adorable shot of his daughters Natasha and Ella with Jennifer's twins Max and Emme in MATCHING PAJAMAS.


    In October, Alex told People that his girls love love loooooove Jennifer:

    She is such a great role model. They look at her like she’s the Messiah...When they’re in Las Vegas, I don’t think they leave Jennifer’s side.


    Blended families FTW.