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    Bella Hadid Is Going To Model For Dior So It's Time To Freak Out

    The Hadids are taking over the world.

    In case you don't spend your time obsessing over future supermodels, this is Bella Hadid.

    She's 19 years old, the younger sister of Gigi Hadid, and pretty much taking over the fashion world.

    And now, according to Instagram, Bella is the new face and ambassador for Dior Makeup!

    Even by a quick glance, it's obvious why she was chosen. I mean COME ON.


    Plus, big sis Gigi is one of the faces of Maybelline. So I guess big beauty contracts just run in the family.

    All hail the Sisters Hadid.

    Bella/Dior — please bless us with a campaign ASAP.