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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    Crowdfunding Projects Twentysomethings Girls Desperately Need

    How about a bra that doesn't stab me?

    Because you want a S.O. who you can take home to meet your parents:

    Because bras are actual sociopaths trying to destroy your life:

    Thinkstock: Kandele / Via

    Because everyone lied and you need to expose the truth, Michael Moore style:

    Thinkstock: zimmytws / Via

    Because your split ends are out of control but your account balance is nonexistent:

    Thinkstock: leaf / Via

    Because when you're watching old episodes in your seventh floor walk-up, a cockroach runs across your feet:

    New Line Cinema

    Because you have the drunchies and you want to eat all the chicken wings:

    Thinkstock: rez-art / Via

    Because you keep on watching Bridget Jones's Diary and really just need some chocolate:


    And because partying is fucking exhausting:

    Thinkstock: MaxRiesgo / Via

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