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21 Questions We Have For The Real Housewives

Why does everyone need to know that you are very rich, bitch?

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1. If someone is trying to talk to you about your behavior, why do you always defend yourself by saying how rich you are?


3. Why can't you see that routinely actin' a fool isn't cute or fun and playing the victim over and over again is bo-ring?

4. Did you really think throwing your leg was going to get you another season as a Housewife?

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Also, why did you accuse a writer of not authoring her own memoir just because she wasn't "supportive"?


10. Why do you tell people secrets and then act all shocked when it gets out?

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Like, even if Housewife A didn't tell Housewife B that you told her about Housewife B's marital problems, you're still on a reality show and EVERYONE WOULD HAVE FOUND OUT LATER WHEN IT AIRED.


What questions do YOU have for the Real Housewives? Sound off below!


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