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18 Politicians Who Were, Like, Way Too Hot In Their Youth

These lawmakers could get it.

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1. You'd try to be lab partners with a Young Tim Kaine in college.

where were you when you discovered hot young Tim Kaine

2. You'd write letters every day to a Young John McCain in uniform.

Can I do a throwback thursday to the smokeshow that is young John Mccain

3. You'd skip class to hang out with Young Richard Nixon.

why does young richard nixon look like a not so nice young man that i would definitely let take me home from midway

4. You'd wait backstage at every one of Young Bernie Sanders' concerts.

I'm sorry (but not sorry at all) but I would SO jump the bones of young Bernie Sanders in a big way

5. You'd quietly lust after Young Theodore Roosevelt until finally talking to him at a party.

Things I discovered during my fever-fueled wanderings through Netflix: young Theodore Roosevelt was a babe.

6. You'd grow up with a Young Herbert Hoover and at the age of 21, you both would realize that your soulmate was right next to you.

#PresidentsDay young Herbert Hoover

7. You'd sit around playing MASH, always hoping Young Barack Obama would be your hubby.

look at young obama holy hot president

8. You'd think that Young Gerald Ford just needs a little guidance, and sure he's a bit of a bully, but he definitely has a heart of gold and you can fix him, you know you can!

9. You'd cast Oscar Isaac in a future biopic of Ralph Nader.

10. You'd bring Young Mitt Romney home because he's so nice your mom lets him hang out in your room with the door closed.


11. You'd go to any protest Young Bill de Blasio wants to take you to.

daily fashion inspiration: young bill de blasio

12. You'd sit and watch Young Woodrow Wilson give lectures no matter how boring they were.

Young Woodrow Wilson could get it.

13. You'd wonder if you'd ever get to date Young Martin O'Malley but one day you guys really bond over a Rolling Stones album so he asks you to prom.

@pronounced_ing Young Martin O'Malley tho

14. You'd watch all the sports just to hang out with Young Cory Booker every day of the week.

Can we have a moment of silence for how hot young Cory Booker was? He's like Young OJ hot. A divisive, but real term

15. You'd bring Young Jimmy Carter to your BFF's wedding after only a month of dating because you could just tell he was the one.

16. You'd meet Young Howard Dean while backpacking and proceed to have a weekend so explosive that 40 years later you still think about it.

17. Two words: Young JFK.

Young jfk >>>>>>

18. And you'd have chased Young Joe Biden around the world because, fuck, he was kind of the hottest thing ever.

The end.

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