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20 Tips For Running In Your First Marathon

A few tips and tricks from a 6-time marathoner that will be sure to get you ready for your first marathon.

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What you should know before the marathon.

1. Contrary to what people might tell you, not every single runner gets the "runner's trots"

2. But you will undoubtedly experience the thing we call a "runner's high"

3. Which is good because you’ll need something to pick you up after you “hit the wall”

4. A “runner’s tan” is also a thing

5. “Hangry” is to non-runners what “rungry” will be to you

6. Squats are a necessary evil

7. Do yourself a favor and purchase the proper running attire

8. Save yourself and wrap every single toe in blister bandaids before the race

9. Oh, and since we’re on the topic of toes, say goodbye to pretty feet

10. Your subconscious will separate your underwear drawer between “running-undies” and “non-running-undies”

11. Pre-race nutrition is key for fueling your run, but don’t load up on the “all-you-can eat pancakes” just because they’re free

(Unless you know how your body handles a specific food during a run, you’ll likely regret it by mile 10.)

During the marathon

What you should know as you run the marathon.

12. To go along with #11, the only fart you should EVER trust is “Fartlek”

13. There will be moments when you question all of your life decisions

14. But, don’t worry, you become real familiar real fast with self-motivation

15. Drinking from a cup while running is hard

16. You will likely get passed by an experienced 70+ year old runner

17. Daydreaming of your post-race meal may consume your thoughts (this is totally normal)

18. Right before you get your “second wind” (also really a thing), you may also experience a little chafing (especially you fellas!)

(Don’t worry, there are prevention methods, starting with cotton = bad.)


What you should expect after you finish the marathon.

19. To be able to move at all the next day, your post-race recovery regimen should include all or most of the following: milk, water, protein, ibuprofen, plenty of rest and ice

20. Speaking of ice, ice baths are also a necessary evil

Finally, to sum up what you can expect your feelings to be immediately after crossing the finish line of your first marathon...

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