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    Get To Know: Matt Healy Of The 1975

    The Lord has blessed us.

    This is Matt Healy.

    He's a member of English indie rock band The 1975.

    He's the lead singer.

    He always takes the stage well-prepared.

    He, like his bandmates, has awesome hair.

    He looks adorable whilst holding puppies.

    He's completely relatable...

    ...yet totally wise.

    Matty always tells it like it is.

    He makes a bad habit look so good.

    The only acceptable duckface is this one.

    Sometimes he makes this face, also.

    Occasionally, he steps outside looking like a grizzly bear.

    His tattoos are often a talking point.

    He identifies as a secular humanist.

    Even with the band's growing success, he always keeps it real.

    He says perfect things.

    Because he is a perfect thing.

    So bow down, bitches.

    Bonus: here's a messy-haired, sleepy-eyed Matty looking at you lovingly.

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